Privacy Policy

At DBCenter, accessible from, our major priority is providing the best privacy factors to our visitors. However, we have created this privacy policy page to make you aware our visitor about the things that we do and use on it.


The privacy policies we share with visitors are related to our online activities. Meanwhile, we have also clearly mentioned the valid experiences and opportunities a user would get after landing on this platform. 

So, below is the list of things you need to know about regarding the privacy policy of this website.




First, your consent is important to accept the privacy policy and terms we are pointing out in this section. Not accepting our privacy policies and terms of usage will disqualify your access to this platform for the whole time.


What information do we collect?


At, you will never be asked by our side to give your personal information. As this platform contains sensitive information, many of you may have doubts that we would ask for your personal information. So, it’s better to clear you about it in advance.


However, the Ads you see on our website are from various Advertisement providers who are the main source of our income online and manage the finances of this website, so that they would ask for your personal information. It would be based on showing you the relevant advertisements on the website whenever you appear to get someone’s personal information for various purposes. As these ad platforms are reliable and popular, there is nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, the personal information they ask for would be based on cookies, which tell them about the recent searches they have performed on the google search engines.


Who are our Advertisement Partners?


There are numerous advertisement partners available on the internet that we could go for. However, our top priority remains with Google Adsense as our partner. Since Google is a reliable source, we always go with them because it keeps the visitors and us safe from getting caught in any trouble if we click on their advertisements.


What are your Responsibilities on this platform?


Since we have invested a huge amount in the security check of the website by analyzing every visitor activity, it becomes hard for any users to do negative activities or tricks. The reason for mentioning it here is to let you know that your use of services on this platform should be decently and pure. 


If we find any of you busy doing something negative to our platform, we find you and block you from using our services in the future. It depends upon you to enjoy this website’s free benefits by using it correctly. Otherwise, lose the free usage opportunity and don’t get any benefits.


How are you secure on this platform?


By using cutting-edge technologies and the help of security experts, we have made this platform a lot better and safer for every person who visits it. In other words, no one would get caught by others if they tried to get their data from this website. Your visit to this platform will remain anonymous. So, no one gets a clue about you.