How to Find PIN Point Location of any CNIC?

Your presence on this article shows that you are looking to find the exact location of the CNIC number for personal or professional reasons. If so, then you are at the right place. Right now, it’s easier for anyone to easily get the CNIC details of any person that can help out in easily locating the exact location of the person. At DBCenter, you will get a dedicated section on the home page that can make it possible for you to get CNIC related information.


What is the procedure to get PIN point location of CNIC through

First of all, you need to get into the official website of by enter the domain name on the Address. After that, you have to click on the CNIC info section that is available on the top menu bar of the Home page.

Enter the CNIC number of the person on the text field by following the instructions mentioned on it. Now, click on the search button and it will process the information from the Database of to get you the entire details of the CNIC number.

Within the Information, you will see the Address of the CNIC number. It’s the exact address of the CNIC holder that can give you the idea of where he/she is living or belongs.

What are the lists of information’s you get against CNIC?

Name: You will get the name of the CNIC holder on the screen. It’s beneficial for a variety of purposes like verifying the persons from the name and many more.

Address: The address of the person will appear on the screen for you. As mentioned earlier, you can use it to track the live location of the person. Meanwhile, if a person is threatening you, the address section will help out to take legal action against the person. Else, it will help out in finding any relative or friend.

Mobile Numbers/SIM Card number: The list of SIM cards that are registered on the CNIC number will show up on this section. It can help out in contacting the person who is no longer in contact and the old number is not accessible. So, the new numbers will easily help you out to contact the person for various reasons.